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11 reaktion på “öppettider

  1. ingrid amble

    Hej Lena Hoppas pengarna har kommit ! Vill gärna köpa 2 paintbox giotto Tacksam att Du skriver LÄMNAS VID DÖRREN …blir sååå BRA …om där är någon skillnad ta då gärna dom lite mildare färg Tack Ingrid Amble Banèrgatan 15nb 115 22 STOCKHOLM tel (08 6677705 Hälsningar Ingrid

  2. http://netspy.top/jamnews.ir

    The time change during Ramadan is a luxury that those observing the fast in northern hemisphere regions with much longer daylight hours cannot benefit from. In addition the reality on the ground in rural towns and villages is that they do not observe the time change and everyone continues to live their lives according to the sun's rising and setting times thereby reducing any potential energy savings and introducing a two time country!A complicated few years ahead beckons….

  3. raw-hot.org

    Å, for et vakkert kort !Nydelig stempel, og så flott farget !Likte spesiellt godt den fine kombinasjonen med blomster i forskjellige pasteller !Klem fra Anne-Eddie

  4. kredit preisvergleich reise ägypten

    Does Toynbee or any of the other cyclical historians talk about the degradation of an empire's internal population as soldiers?Just thinking on it, the Romans eventually stopped using their own people as soldiers and started hiring mercenaries, i known at least one Chinese empire (Han i think) did the same and in WW1 And WW2 the forces from the colonies were considered the British elite soldiers.


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